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Many people when they hear the word farm they think of a fixed location with a lot of acres. Douglas Farm is located in NJ, but apiary and agricultural activities are conducted at various locations. These farms are located throughout Somerset, Morris and Union counties. Our farm operates much like a consulting landscaping service.

We do not have a retail store with hours. Orders may be made online, by phone or email... or in person at one of our events such as a farmers market. Thank you.

 Jamais Arriere! - (Never Behind!)

Please note, we presently do not have 'full time staff'. Any product or service desired will be handled when possible during our limited availability.  

Our Products

We produce raw, minimally filtered local NJ honey, using the most natural means possible. The beeswax we harvest from our colonies goes to make fine hand-crafted creams, soaps, lip balms, candles and other crafts.

We support and practice chemical free beekeeping: a healthy and sustainable agricultural method. If a colony needs treatment we use spearmint, lemon grass and tea tree essential oils, an all natural treatment. Most years no treatment is needed because we raise our bees from hygienic queens. Our hives are tested & culled for disease, parasite and mite resistance.

Many of our customers take our local honey for allergies. We make no health claims but many people feel local honey, especially raw unfiltered honey is helpful with seasonal allergies. Plus it tastes great!

Additional Info

It's Free! You will be able to make comments in various areas of our website and upload pictures to our customer photos folder. We will occasionally email important information and special dates such as the first honey harvest of the year.

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